iSSi Flash Pedals
The Colorful Minimalist

The iSSi Flash Pedal—Lightning Strikes Thrice

Your pedals are the most important connection to your bike and you need them to work great. But there's no reason that pedals that work great shouldn't look great too. With three models and a huge variety of colors to choose from, iSSi Flash clipless pedals let you stand out at any budget.

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Biking with iSSi Flash mountain bike pedals.

Detail of iSSi Flash III.

Premium Design & Construction

Style is nothing without substance, so iSSi's Flash pedals have plenty of both. They're double-sided and compatible with Shimano® SPD™ cleats, with a smooth, light action and adjustable spring tension to fine-tune your release. Large strike plates provide exceptional contact with your cleats and more surface area to support your shoes. And, with smooth, quality bearings and bushings, these bike pedals are built to last.

Clipped into the iSSi Flash.

Personalized Fit & Function

Different bikes have varying Q-factors, placing your feet closer or farther apart, which can prevent your knees from tracking properly. This can lead to joint pain, decreased efficiency, and reduced power transfer. Flash II and Flash III pedals offer three different spindle lengths to get your knees in alignment, so you can comfortably ride as long as you want. The included two-bolt cleats offer 4° of float to accommodate biomechanical adjustments and a 14.6° release angle that lets you quickly dab when you need to.

iSSi Flash III.

Flash III - Smooth Rolling Durability

Smooth Rolling Durability. The top-of-the-line Flash III pedals weigh in at a scant 340 grams and bring high end performance to iSSi’s color party. The triple cartridge bearings spin effortlessly, and the chromoly spindles come in three different lengths to customize your fit. Whether it’s the standard 52.5mm length, 58.2mm, or 64.5mm, you’ll get the length you need in a long-lasting, completely rebuildable package. Your hardest decision will be which color to choose.

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iSSi Flash II.

Flash II - Full Clipless Customization

Full Clipless Customization. Personalize your ride with iSSi’s stand-out Flash II pedals, the perfect balance of value and performance. With multiple colors to choose from, you’ll have a look all your own. These fully-rebuildable pedals spin on chromoly spindles with a bushing and bearing configuration, so they’ll outlast your current bike. Choose between three different spindle lengths to dial in your fit. Adjustable spring tension makes it easy to get in and out.

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iSSi Flash I.

Flash I - Simple Clipless Performance

Simple Clipless Performance. iSSi’s Flash I pedals perform as well on the trail as they do on the commute. These traditional two-sided clipless pedals are SPD-compatible and come with cleats and hardware. The double bushing spindles rotate with easy efficiency, while the spring tension provides smooth action at a price that’s easy on your wallet. These are the perfect pedals for riders who are new to clipless pedals or want a practical addition to their commuter bike.

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iSSi pedals are SPD compatible

About iSSi Pedals

iSSi personalizes your most important connection to your bike: the pedals. iSSi offer clipless bike pedals compatible with common mountain and road cleat styles, a myriad of colors to match your style, and different spindle lengths to customize your fit. iSSi takes clipless pedals—an important, but often neglected part of your bike—and adds their own superlative style and quality.

Rebuildable spindles and quality internals mean these pedals are built to withstand years of riding. iSSi stands behind their pedals with a limited warranty. Simply put, iSSi is the best.